When Julian began his high school career upon request of his high school music director Mr. Jeff Hayman, he wrote his first piece and conducted it live the first time he had even set foot on the Central Valley High School Stage as a 14 year-old freshman. He has continued to write througout the last two years and has conducted a piece of his own at nearly every concert. At 15 years-old Julian passed the College Board AP Music Theory Exam with a 4/5 and has been continuing to study composition and conducting under local professers with plans to apply to Julliard School Of Music and eventually obtain his Doctorate in Conducting.


Julian also recently arranged all the music for and conducted the "Falk'in Jazz" band at the Bohemian Art Loft, earning a standing ovation with another concert to come in the fall.

Composition, Arranging & Theory

Julian began to play the trumpet early on in his middle school career and after gaining fluency in his abillities as a trumpet player was appointed first chair in the Central Valley High School Band, as well as the Shasta College Concert Orchestra, and Shasta College Symphonic Band.


Julian has continued his studies of brass instruments and began playing French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba and other Brass instruments early on in his High School career. 





Julian began to study the piano professionally at around the age of 6 after being self-taught from age 4 playing songs by the "Beatles" and other popular repitoire completly by-ear. He has competed around the North State and before beginning his career as a composer, gained his acclaim performing in concert and as a YouTube musician having quickly earned over 2 thousand subscribers. Julian has worked under many instructors around California including world-class pianist Duane Hampton, and has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for his pianism.


Julian works as an accompanist around Redding, California and teaches beginning & intermediate piano lessons to students of all ages.